Do you have a problem? Do you want it fixed?

Through extensive research and exhaustive study, we have narrowed the reason to contact us down to two key questions. Answer these with a "Yes", and we believe it would make sense for us to talk. 

We are here to understand your problems and assist you in solving them in the most efficient manner.

IM obstacle identification

IM creative results

Initial conversations with agencies are often filled with the top talent at the firm. Unfortunately the actual work is often transferred to staff with far less experience. Usually that staff member was not in any of the initial conversations with the client. We partner you with the person who will continue to develop the relationship, and prioritize the goals of  your company.

At Imagination Monkey consistency is key. No handoffs. The teammate you sign with, is the one that stays with you to coordinate all of your needs.

How is IM different?

We have designed our firm to be a strong third party advisor, uniquely enabled to source the best talent for your needs.

  1. Low Overhead - We keep our expenses light so we do not need to pass on high costs to our clients.  

  2. Pay for what you need - Pay for the skills you use right now, and not for future needs. Large agencies traditionally have extremely diverse skill sets under their roof. However, even if you do not need those specific skills, you are still paying for them. With us, when you need the talent they are there. You only pay for the skills your solution requires.

  3. Training - Sometimes companies end up hiring someone new,  just out of school, to handle marketing needs. One unique option IM provides is training to bring their skills up to your level of expectation. Once our contract is complete, we can remain as a guide, or go our separate ways knowing we were able to accomplish our main goal, helping you accomplish yours.

Securing the partnership


Payment model - Our services are developed under a retainer. We work with you to identify your needs and agree to a monthly fee for our services. Over the course of the relationship we will develop your plan, modifying as we go. The end goal is to get you where you need to be.

Timeframe - The typical commitment is two years. This is to accurately identify challenges and develop counter measures. 

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A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery